About our project

This website provides information about the former Lebensborn home Sonnenwiese in Kohren-Sahlis and was created by students from Kohren-Sahlis and the surrounding area. As part of a school project, we dealt comprehensively with the topic.

The school project took place in January 2017 at the International Gymnasium in Geithain (High School Geithain). For one week, we looked at the Lebensborn home "Sonnenwiese" in Kohren-Sahlis, analyzed the files and talked to contemporary witnesses. An important goal of this week was to design a website, to create a layout for an information board and to develop the text for a stumbling block. Both the stumbling block and the information board were officially inaugurated on 27. November 2017 on the grounds of today's DRK home (German Red Cross Home). The artist Gunter Demnig moved the stumbling block in the presence of numerous visitors. The project was supported and finally realized (after many hours of work) through an initiative in which interested citizens, museum, history association, contemporary witnesses, youth management, Erich-Zeigner- Haus Leipzig and the High School Geithain joined forces. The project was financed by donations. The initiative aims to educate the public and to create a place of remembrance as well as a contact point for Lebensborn children or their relatives.


Layout for the information board and inauguration

Inauguration of the stumbling block

Saxon State Prize for Cultural Research

Every year, the Saxon State Research Prize for Homeland Research honors students as well as adult researchers who are intensively involved with a historical topic and who have explored and presented aspects of the Saxon homeland as examples. In 2017, the student prize went to our project group.

In Dresden, our group of students under the direction of the history teachers Mr. Gut and Mr. Martin, awarded the prize

Pictures from our school project

Group picture of pupils, contemporary witnesses and project participants in Kohren-Sahlis

We students at the project work in Geithain