Consequences for the Lebensborn children

    "Am I a child of love? A traffic accident? Or was I conceived for the 'leader'? "(Wolfgang S.)


This question was probably asked many who were housed in Lebensborn homes, including in the "sun meadow ". Some people have spent a lot of time searching for their roots and have always come up against their limits, even here in Kohren-Sahlis. Since their past, due to missing documents can not be proved exactly, some do not know their life correctly where they belong at all. To this day, there are probably even people who are not even aware that they are a "Lebensborn child", because this was later concealed by the foster parents.


"I always wanted to know where I came from. I just did not know where to start looking. "(Erika M.)


But there were also cases in which the foster parents as well as the biological parents were familiar and open to their children. Of course it also happened that the Lebensborn children "[...] did not want to disturb anyone, who has no idea and confuse everything" (Rainer D.) and did not start looking for it.

Some children ended up in loving foster care and taking advantage of the opportunities of life. Others had a difficult start and still struggled for years with the psychological and physical consequences.


"Lebensborn is and remains a scar on our soul." (Arno K.)


Some eyewitnesses have little memory of their own and little reference to the Lebensborn because they were infants or toddlers. For them, the Lebensborn home is merely an insignificant minor note of her life. But there are also Lebensborn children who showed a disability after giving birth. They were selected and murdered, their testimony is lacking.


The consequences and effects for the children of Lebensborn are so very different, often complicated, sometimes brutal and sad, sometimes happy, almost always ambivalent and in any case, memorable.