Comparison of the supply 1945

General supply situation at the end of the war

In 1945, the general food supply in Germany was very bad due to the war. Many people have suffered from malnutrition, many of whom have died of malnutrition in the last few months of the war. Especially infants and toddlers were at risk as there was little baby food available.

Provision of the children in the Lebensborn home

In contrast to the stocks in the German households, the care of the children in the Lebensbornheim seemed to be continuously secured. Due to the sponsorship of the SS, the homes received regular supplies until the end of the war. On the basis of the number of persons and a fixed daily ration, the home office was able to calculate the demand to be ordered. Striking is that it was only ordered when the supplies were almost used up. Basic foods such as flour, butter, cheese, sugar, eggs and meat were ordered in the first place.

The file situation for the food of the home is comparatively good. With the help of the data, the meat rations can be represented as well as the fluctuating child numbers in Kohren-Sahlis. From May 1945, the files no longer distinguish between children up to 3 years and children up to 6 years.