Exploitation of identities by the "Stasi"

Even in the former GDR, the fates of the Lebensborn children were not worked up - quite the contrary. Above all, the "Stasi" (Staatssicherheit/ East German Secret Service ) abused the life stories. Spies were equipped with false identity: they became doubles of Lebensborn children. So they took their names, smuggled into the families abroad and built a fake life. The aim was to collect as much relevant military, technological or economic information as possible in the West. At the same time they also passed on information about the family environment to East Germany to the Stasi. The actual Lebensbon children in the GDR were also spied on and monitored. Some had to officially declare that they would not contact their family in their country of origin. Specifically, letters were intercepted, diverted and destroyed, as well as boycotting search queries to prevent family reunification. Thus, some of the formerly abducted children were again victims of a dictatorship.

Movie about the topic

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Two_Lives_(film).jpg